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The Child and Family Center provides assessment and support services for children and families. Our services promote socio-emotional development and mental health resilience for families from diverse backgrounds.

An internship at the CFC involves working with real families in our community. Professionalism and confidentiality are of the utmost importance.

Internships are available to Family and Human Services undergraduate students from the University of Oregon. Internship requirements and responsibilities can be tailored to the student’s needs and interests.

Description of position:

Interns will have the opportunity to:

  • Provide sibling support (This is the main component of the internship)
  • Provide 1 hour per week of office maintenance
  • Engage in 1 hour per week of self-care
  • Engage in independent learning opportunities
    • Watching recorded therapy sessions and practice writing case notes
    • Reading articles about the Family Check-Up, basic play therapy skills, and other readings tailored to your interests
    • Career exploration
    • Watching documentaries or listening to podcasts about child and family therapy
  • Debrief at weekly independent supervision meetings with the internship supervisor


In the service of maintaining a safe clinic space, we ask that you:

  • Keep all client information confidential
  • Use a quiet tone of voice while sessions are in progress
  • Lock the file cabinets and the file room door immediately after use 
  • Inform a CFC staff member immediately if an urgent concern arises 
  • Give as much notice as possible if you will not be able to show up to an obligation to which you previously committed
  • Keep a positive, supportive attitude while working with clients 
  • Dress in a professional manner that is suitable for working with children and families
  • Accurately record your internship hours

For more information, contact us at or by phone at 541-346-4910