Media - 2013

In November 2013 the Prevention Science Institute was awarded a grant of $90,292 from the Ford Family Foundation to Drs. Beth Stormshak and Laura Lee McIntyre. The award will enable PSI to disseminate the Family Check-Up to early-childhood populations in rural settings in Oregon during the ensuing two years. PSI is using the award to train local practitioners and evaluate the uptake of the model in these settings. Implementation team members Dr. Kevin Moore and Nancy Weisel, LCSW, will be instrumental in consulting with personnel in these settings and training them in the model.


The Family Check-Up, a tool developed at the Child and Family Center for talking with children about drugs, is featured in a National Institute on Drug Abuse press release, NIDA's Drug Abuse Information for Teens Goes Mobile. (press release)


National Institute of Child Health and Human Develpment Research conversation with Early Growth and Development Study researcher Dr. Leslie Leve (Audio Interview) (Written Transcription)


University of Oregon new faculty member profile: Leslie Leve (video)


Early Growth and Development researcher Christopher Trentacosta, PhD, discusses how both nature and nurture appear to be significant factors in early antisocial behaviors of adopted children. (audio from WDET 101.9FM, The Craig Fahle Show)


PSI researchers collaborate to create the Translational Drug Abuse Prevention Center, a national resource to provide eduational/outreach activites to drug abuse research, communities, educational organizations, the general public, and policy makers. (press release)


PSI researchers find that being exposed to arguing parents is associated with the way babies' brains process emotional tone of voice, according to a newly published study by PSi researchers. (press release)


Early Growth and Development Study researchers find that smoking during pregnancy appears to be a prenatal risk factor associated with conduct problems in children, according to a study published by JAMA Psychiatry. (press release)


PSI research featured on NBC News Education Nation Master Class: Parenting for Brain Development and Prosperity. (click here to learn more)