Liz Budd, PhD

image of Liz Budd, PhD

Liz Budd, PhD

Evergreen Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Services

Dr. Liz Budd (she/her/hers) is an Evergreen Associate Professor in the UO’s Counseling Psychology and Human Services Department and Scientist in the Prevention Science Institute. Dr. Budd is also a member of the Health Promotion Initiative ( Nationally, Dr. Budd holds leadership roles in the Physical Activity Section of the American Public Health Association. The goal of her research is to prevent the onset of chronic diseases, especially among groups with heightened risk, in order to achieve population-level health equity. Specifically, she examines the policies and environmental factors (social and physical) that influence physical activity and healthy eating. She has a particular interest in youth, adolescent girls, and Latino/a/x communities. Dr. Budd also works to implement, evaluate, and foster the sustainability of evidence-based interventions to promote healthy behaviors in community settings.

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