Randy Kamphaus Research

Closed Grants

  • CEEDAR Technical Assistance
    Funding period: 2016–2017
    MPIs: Dr. Randy Kamphaus, Dr.  Dianna Carrizales-Engelmann
    Funded by: Oregon Department of Education
    Grant number: ODE2642341
    This project is evaluating the psychometric properties of the Behavioral and Emotional Screening System Parenting Rating Scale-Preschool Form (BESS PRS-P), a parent-report screening tool. Parent and teacher data and school records are being used to examine associations between ratings of children's social-behavioral risk and child social and academic outcomes in kindergarten and first grade.
  • Psychometric Investigation of Universal Screening for Social-Economical Development in Preschool Using Parent and Teacher Informants
    Funding period: 2015–2019
    Co-PI: Dr. Randy Kamphaus
    Funded by: Institute of Education Sciences
    Grant number: R305A150152
    To improve Oregon’s professional learning systems, the focus is on equity, culturally responsive practices, and educational outcomes by revising the preparation of general and special education practitioners.