Rhonda Nese Research

Open Grants

Preventing School Exclusion and Opioid Misuse: Effectiveness of the Inclusive Skill-building Learning Approach (ISLA)  
Role: Principal Investigator  
Funded by: National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH  
Grant Number: R01DA059401  
Funding Period: 2023-2028  
This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of ISLA, an instructional and restorative alternative to exclusionary discipline, on improving the social determinants of health of education access and quality, and social and community context to prevent school exclusion and opioid and other substance misuse.   

Math Ready- Supporting Early Number Sense (M-SENS)  
Role: Co-Investigator  
Funded by: Education Innovation and Research (EIR)  
Grant Number: S411C220100  
Funding Period: 2023-2027  
This study aims to develop and implement an innovative, integrated program to improve student mathematics achievement while supporting student behavioral needs in kindergarten classrooms. 

Project INSPIRE  
Role: Co-Investigator  
Funded By: Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)  
Grant Number: H325D220071  
Funding Period: 2022-2027  
This study aims to: (a) recruit and retain high quality INSPIRE scholars, (b) implement high quality Project INSPIRE content including mentorship, coursework, and other opportunities, and (c) ensure adequate INSPIRE scholar progress in and timely completion of coursework, research, dissertation, and other program competencies.   

A Comprehensive Measure of Reading Fluency: Uniting and Scaling Accuracy, Rate, and Prosody  
Role: Co- Principal Investigator  
Funded by: Institute of Education Sciences (IES)  
Grant Number: R305A200018  
Funding Period: 2020-2024  
This study aims to develop and validate an automated scoring system to measure, unite, and scale the rate, accuracy, and prosody of oral reading fluency (ORF) for students in grades 2 to 4.