Samantha Shune Research

Active Grants

Project Title: Influence of swallowing impairment on burden among caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias
Agency/Amount:  NIH-NIA (Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant; R21) / $399,456
Grant Number: R21AG082326
Role: Principal Investigator 
Status: Funded (2023 – 2025) 

Project Title: Enhancing Health and Quality of Life for Individuals with Dementia Through Transitional-State Snacks
Agency/Amount: Oregon Tax Checkoff for Alzheimer’s Research Fund / $20,000
Role: Principal Investigator 
Status: Funded (2020 – 2024)  

Project Title: Validation of the CARES questionnaire: Screening for dysphagia-related caregiver burden 
Agency/Amount: Faculty Research Award (University of Oregon) / $6,996 
Role: Principal Investigator 
Status: Funded (2020 – 2023) 

Project Title: A cross-cultural comparison of dysphagia compliance 
Agency/Amount:  Judson and Elise Taylor Fund Award (University of Oregon) / $4,100 
Role: Principal Investigator
Status: Funded (2019 – 2020)

Project Title: Advancing Academic-Research Careers (AARC) Award
Agency/Amount:  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association / $5,000 
Role: Principal Investigator 
Status: Funded (2017 – 2019) 

Project Title: A Community-Based Participatory Research Approach to Nursing Home Dining Practices for Individuals with Dysphagia
Agency/Amount:  University of Oregon Faculty Seed Grant / $2,500 (Special Education and Clinical Sciences Department match of $1,000)
Role: Principal Investigator 
Status: Funded (2015 – 2016)

Closed Grants

Advancing Academic–Research Careers
Funding period: 2017–2019
PI: Dr. Samantha Shune
Funded by: American Speech- Language-Hearing Association
Grant number: 25026
The goal of this project is to investigate the reciprocal relationship between dysphagia (swallowing impairments) and family dynamics in stroke survivors and their spouses.