History and Background

image of a group of Prevention Science institute students showing the Oregon O with their hands
image of Leslie Leve, Laura Lee McIntyre, and Emily Tanner-Smith

The University of Oregon has maintained a strong presence in the field of prevention science for more than two decades. The UO is home to extensive federal grant-funded research in all areas of prevention relevant to the human lifespan.

The field has been rapidly expanding to include the study of new populations (e.g. those with autism spectrum disorders) and new methodologies (e.g. neuroimaging), as well as an emphasis on the interplay between neuroscience and intervention science.

Historically, the university’s programs of research were spread across departments, colleges, and centers. The UO’s strengths in all areas of prevention science have now been synthesized in the Prevention Science Institute. Today we are able to bring together researchers in various areas through an organized focus that unites diverse faculty expertise for increased impact.